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Believe It Or Not Facts
Book Clubs
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1.  How did the characters react to the news of Julie's illness? 

2.  Did the book take you outside your comfort zone?

3.  Which character did you feel the most empathy towards?  The least?

4.  As technology advances, what moral issues do we face?

5.  Why do you think that Julie Miller wanted to go with Dr. Singh rather than a more established cryogenic facility?

6.  Do you think that Julie Miller was realistic in thinking her body could be successfully revived when a cure for pancreatic cancer could be found?  Why did Alex say that this was not a realistic idea?

7.  Do you think that freezing the mice alive in the interest of medical research that might benefit humans is ethical?

8.  Why did Dr. Singh feel that he had to conduct his experiments in secret?  What led him to go from questionable experiments to a criminal act?

9.  Do you think the author painted a believable picture of what life would be like in 2043?  Did you like the time shift aspect of the novel?

10. What problems would a person face who had been cryogenically frozen and then revived at some future time many decades later?  What are the ethical challenges that they would face?