1.  Did you know the body of the famous baseball player, Ted Willams was frozen?

See page 6 of Beyond Ice.  Ted Williams was one of the all time great hitters in Major League Baseball.  When he died, his relatives had his body cryogenically frozen.

2.  Could we bring back the woolly mammoth and other extinct animals back some day?

See page 25 of Beyond Ice.  A woolly mammoth was found perfectly preserved in the Siberian permafrost.  Scientists believe that it will be possible to clone the woolly mammoth some time in the future.

3.  Can a pet dog learn to respond to 340 words? 

See page 69 of Beyond Ice.  An article in the National Geographic magazine described how Betsy, the border collie, had a vocabulary of 340 different words.

4.  Can an animal be brought back from the dead?

See page 144 of Beyond Ice.  In 2005, dogs were placed in suspended animation for 3 hours and then revived.  Scientists believe that this might have implications for medicine and future space travel.

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