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After spending most of her childhood and young adulthood studying for a career as a concert pianist, Helene Levey Zemel received a BA in music from Hofstra University, an MA in musicology from Queens College, and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

Ms. Zemel has performed in numerous recitals, spent many years teaching piano, and held various positions in business, including accounting, marketing, and insurance sales.

A Long Island native, Ms. Zemel chose to raise her family there-in fact, the opening beach scene of her debut novel, Beyond Ice, was inspired by her childhood experiences on the island.

In March of 2015, after the death of her husband, Ms. Zemel retired to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Believe It Or Not Facts
Moving to Oklahoma gave me a good opportunity to travel by car and see more of our beautiful country.  With my sixteen year old Lab Mix dog, I traveled to 4 National parks last summer.  In the picture, I am sitting above the tree line at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  We also had the opportunity to visit Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Badlands National Parks.

In Beyond Ice, I try to transport the reader to a beach scene on Long Island and to the beautiful New England scenery.

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